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Ignacio Agustín Sosa López, known as Nacho Sosa (Born on October 6, 1997) is an argentinian multi-instrumentalist musician, singer, songwriter and music producer radicated in United States. In 2009 began his journey in music when he started to learn guitar and in 2012 had his first experiences playing live around Mar del Plata city, with different projects.

In 2015 Nacho visited a recording studio for the first time and his life changed forever, so he decided to start the music production career after finishing high school.

Nacho earned his music producer degree in 2017, and also achieved his first award in music for an instrumental music piece named ‘Luna Azul’. In the same year, he had his first experience playing live on argentinian TV.

Strongly influenced by artists like Gustavo Cerati, Luis Alberto Spinetta, David Gilmour, John Mayer, Mark Knopfler, John Lennon, Sting, Paul MacCartney and George Harrison, he decided to start his solo artist career releasing his first single named ‘Hay un Lugar’ in 2018, a classic pop-rock with folk soul, where he tries to go back to the roots.

In 2020 Nacho began to work as sessionist, recording guitars and basses for the Andrés Guazzelli‘s album named ‘Atypical’ and for the song named ‘El Camino’ by Problematic Dimension. Then, he got his second music award, as revelation artist. In 2021, he recorded guitars and basses in the Andrés Guazzelli‘s brand new single named ‘Flores de Abril’ released on April 16. Also, he is working on an upcoming Andrés Guazzelli‘s new album and in his own first album named ‘Aunque Todo Muera’.


Hay un Lugar (2018)

Other Proyects

Atypical – Andres Guazzelli (2020)

Camino – Problematic Dimension (2020)

Flores de Abril – Andres Guazzelli (2021)


Hay un Lugar 1

PH: Daira Micaela Nuesch

Hay un Lugar 2

PH: Ignacio Subirós

Hay un Lugar 3

PH: Andrés Guazzelli


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